TWD: Ice Cream Tart, no Coffee

The thought process of an overthinker:

I am going to NYC this weekend.  I will eat a lot of yummy restaurant food in NYC.  I will eat some (tasty) crap in NYC as well.  This tart sounds good but I don’t really want to eat a lot of or much of it, frankly, or maybe none of it.  If this is a coffee tart, I will be the only one who will eat it.  I will regret every bite of it as I am chowing on a bagel…It is ice cream.  Ice cream is not something I can bring to work.  I love coffee ice cream.  How can I skip coffee ice cream?  I am skipping coffee ice cream.  Period.  What will the boy eat?  Peanuts.  Yup.  Peanuts and chocolate and vanilla ice cream with caramel.  Should I still make the coffee tart?  No.  No coffee.  Peanut/chocolate/vanilla/caramel it is.  Hmmm…that sounds good.  Edit: HALF a peanut/chocolate/vanilla/caramel tart it is.

I am exhausted.

but, of course, I tried a piece.  It was HOT on Sunday (91 degrees!).  good.  very good.  that crust is a keeper.  Full post at domestic deep thought.


7 responses to “TWD: Ice Cream Tart, no Coffee

  1. Good idea saving room for NYC! I live here and feel like we do nothing but eat! I’m glad you tried the tart though — looks delicious! Thanks for baking with me!

  2. I think coffee ice cream is an East Coast thing. I’m from the Seattle area and never got into coffee ice cream, whereas my husband lived on the East Coast and loves it. I ran out of time so I didn’t make it this week, but yours sounds like a good combination of flavors.

  3. I love the thought process! But how can one not make an ice cream tart! I like your combinations.

  4. Love the whole post…how many times have we all done this??? Mark really loved this tart so I felt good about making it because, come on, coffee, chocolate…no way am I eating it…so was happy someone was excited about it. Hope we get an NYC post…live vicariously that way!

  5. I wish it was hot here! I was eating my ice cream tart while freezing! Like your variation

  6. that’s a good combo! have a great time in NYC!

  7. Nice combo- I am a big fan of the half size desert. Enjoy NYC. I have fond memories of H & H bagels eaten in Central Park- with my Australian husband getting excited by feeding the squirels (none of those in Australia).

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