TWD: Brown Sugar Bundt Cake

1.  Bundt pans are a b***h to butter/flour.

2.  Bundt pans are a b***h to wash.

3.  Therefore, all bundt cakes must be judged on the ratio between tastiness and #1 and #2.

4.  This bundt cake mostly succeeds (1.5 to 1?).  It is wonderfully moist and sweet.  I used two apples and raisins instead of the pears/prunes.  In future, I think I would stick more apples in or maybe even some cinnamon.  I wanted the other flavors amped up a bit.

5.  BUT, my mother loved this cake.  And this is an important “but” because I served it on mother’s day.  And a mother’s opinion?  Overrides a lot, right?

6.  Full recipe at Pantry Revisited.

(once again, there is a picture – quickly snapped on my cell which is now dead.  I will make an effort (but probably not every effort) to get it added.)

6 responses to “TWD: Brown Sugar Bundt Cake

  1. Sounds good – sorry about your photo. I will say, I just spray Pam in my bundt pan and then a light dusting of flour because you are right – it is hard to butter a bundt! Thanks for baking with me this week.

  2. such a pain in the butt to wash the pan! I leave that to the taste tester. Glad your mom enjoyed!

  3. Points for serving a cake your mother loved on Mother’s Day! Hope you enjoyed the weekend, too.

  4. I used cooking spray to butter my pan and some of my cake stuck. That will teach me to take a shortcut! I did all hazelnuts and I really liked this cake. I’m sure a cinnamon apple combo would be wonderful.

  5. If I recall (but I could be wrong) this cake only said to grease the pan and didn’t mention flouring it. Therefore, the half recipe I made in a loaf pan stuck like the dickens. It was good though and I watched my husband pick on it and eat most of it in a matter of days. (always a plus when someone else eats the goods. 😉

  6. I swear by Everbake. It’s sold by King Arthur, and I use it to spray all my baking pans. That or Baker’s Joy. Works every time! glad your mom loved it.

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