TWD: Please buy my house

I am typing this from my husband’s office at 8:18pm KC time.  Why?  Because someone decided to call us for a showing from 8-9pm.  You might think sane people (parents, even!) would say no to such a request.  And, in theory, I wholeheartedly agree…but when you are keeping your house unnaturally clean despite your family’s innate desire to do otherwise and have lost track of your “home improvement” expenses, you take the showing.  You never know when this may be the one that pays off.  So, here we are killing time when we should be winding up for the night.

OF course, this means I am on his computer and have not loaded my one picture of these biscuits.  You get my kids at the Royals game which I found on his laptop.  I did make them. We did eat them.  In fact, I may have eaten one too many the next day rationalizing that they had to be eaten then or be thrown out.  I liked the maple flavor but not enough to make these again.  I like the flaky softer biscuits out there.

The recipe is at a little something…sweet!

5 responses to “TWD: Please buy my house

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! =) I hate to admit it, but I did end up throwing out some of ours. The girls and I ate some for breakfast on Sunday, but then no one wanted the leftover ones.

  2. I hope the showing goes well!! Your boys are getting SO big! After all of the biscuits I’ve see today, I would rather see them! 😉

  3. I wanted more maple flavor, too. I liked that they were a little bit sweet and I liked the crunch. I baked mine too long so they were only good when I took them out of the oven.

  4. Fingers crossed for you. We loved these at my house. Sorry they weren’t a hit.

  5. Ugh…been there, done that, several times!I remember sitting in my driveway with an cranky/extremely hungry toddler, waiting for a showing to end…1 1/2 hours after it began! I eventually had to sneak in and find some food. I will tell you that those were the people who bought my house, though, so good luck!

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