TWD: Ice Cream Tart, no Coffee

The thought process of an overthinker:

I am going to NYC this weekend.  I will eat a lot of yummy restaurant food in NYC.  I will eat some (tasty) crap in NYC as well.  This tart sounds good but I don’t really want to eat a lot of or much of it, frankly, or maybe none of it.  If this is a coffee tart, I will be the only one who will eat it.  I will regret every bite of it as I am chowing on a bagel…It is ice cream.  Ice cream is not something I can bring to work.  I love coffee ice cream.  How can I skip coffee ice cream?  I am skipping coffee ice cream.  Period.  What will the boy eat?  Peanuts.  Yup.  Peanuts and chocolate and vanilla ice cream with caramel.  Should I still make the coffee tart?  No.  No coffee.  Peanut/chocolate/vanilla/caramel it is.  Hmmm…that sounds good.  Edit: HALF a peanut/chocolate/vanilla/caramel tart it is.

I am exhausted.

but, of course, I tried a piece.  It was HOT on Sunday (91 degrees!).  good.  very good.  that crust is a keeper.  Full post at domestic deep thought.

This week in good things 4/1/11

I know I have missed the last two weeks.  Ugh.  Too much going on around these parts.


  • going to PowerPlay.
  • coming up with a new language where he just drops the first letter of every word.  It was as much fun listening to this all day as it sounds…
  • Spanish class
  • PE and music class.  Will not really rockin’ the creative ideas mid-week.


  • going to power play
  • Kirby’s Epic Yarn:  if you haven’t seen this, I don’t know how to explain it.  It is a video game.  The main character is made of yarn and he turns into other objects on his adventures.  There is a character named Prince Fluff.  I fear the use of controlled substances contributed to this…
  • cracking his knuckles.  (It was a slow day)  We asked the Dr about this.  She said she wished she had some great reason to tell him to stop but there really isn’t.
  • the chicks that hatched in his classroom.  I lu-u-uv kindergartners.  They named the chicks:  mario, sophie, werewolf and luke skywalker.  Colin was rooting for anakin skywalker but, apparently, couldn’t drum up enough support for that one.

Thought for Thursday

Every morning I drive by the Apple store on the way to work.  Every morning there is a line outside.  This is between 8:15-8:30.  If you could see this store in a vacuum you would have ABSOLUTELY no clue there is a recession.  Amazing.

Thursday Thoughts

I am -slowly- making my way through Anna Karenina.  I don’t even want to say how long it is taking me.  The weird thing is…I think I like it but I just can’t seem to finish it.  In fact, I just grabbed a couple of new books from the library.   I think I am losing my attention span.  I blame MTV.

TWD: brownies, honey?


This is what I think Dorie’s introductory paragraph should have said:

The recipe tastes like brownies from a box without all the pesky corn syrup and multi-syllabic ingredients.

Seriously.  After I ate one (or more) it hit me.  These brownies taste just like a box mix.  They are super duper moist but light on chocolate flavor.   So, if you are partial to that kind of brownie but leery of anything with that long of a shelf life.  These are for you, friend.

Leave me the super chocolaty ones.  Thank you, very much.

TWD: good morning, sunshine muffins

These were awesome.  I will definitely make them again.  That is all.

This was the VERY LAST muffin so I had to quickly snatch it and snap a shot.   It is sitting on the lid on the container they briefly called home.

Next week:  honey nut brownies.  i have actually made these already…

Thursday Thoughts

My mother-in-law told me this is the best piece of advice she ever received.  I think she may be right.

Life isn’t fair.  The sooner you accept that the better off you’ll be.

TWD: Corny Muffins that Caused Consternation

Pictures will be up later…

Boy, I would love this to be a post about a sweet home cooked dinner accompanied by from scratch corniest corn muffins.  Alas.  It is not to be.  It could have been.  It even started that way…

All was going well.  Will asked to help with dinner so we made the muffins together.  I even let him use the sharp knife on some green peppers and he was thrilled.  We all sat down for some beans and rice and muffins.  Colin announced that he should try something new and would like a corn muffin.  After I picked myself up off the floor, I gave him one.   He ate a bite and said he liked it.  Angels sang.  And then.  And then…

The scourge of siblinghood appeared.  Will – with OBVIOUS AND MALICIOUS glee  – announced that there were actual corn kernels in the muffin.  Colin reacted just as we all new he would.  The muffin was pronounced inedible and no amount of reasoning and cajoling could convince him otherwise.  He tried to pick the corn out which resulted in a very sad pile of crumbs.  It is a very good thing that looks can’t kill.  I do not aspire to matricide and I gave Will a good one.  so did his father.

There are parts of parenthood that being an only child just didn’t prepare me for.

Next week: More muffins.  and I may try to get to the pots de creme I missed last week.  Full recipe at My Next Life.

This Week in Good Things 3/4/11

OK.  I am ashamed to admit that this but I can’t remember a lot of the good things this week.  It has just been…one of those weeks.  So, here is the list, such as it is.


  • Finishing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Will read the first three on his own but has been joining Colin and me for our nightly trip to Hogwarts.  I am not positive as to why he didn’t read this one on his own but I think the length (700+ pages) intimidated him.
  • Finishing the book for his book report
  • Finishing his book report.  A day early.  Is he my son?
  • Piano lesson


  • Ditto on the Goblet of Fire.  We have now started the Order of the Phoenix but, three nights in, he is ready for the story to get to Hogwarts already!
  • Swimming lesson.  Well, I am glad he had fun but I can’t be sure the other kids did.  I heard Colin yelling “we’re all gonna die!”  all the way across the pool.  I am glad his teacher thinks he’s funny.
  • Show and tell day.
  • Dad picking him up from school.  Always his first choice.  I try not to take it personally buuutttt….

Thought for Thursday

What is about diet coke?  Will and I were discussing whether we planned to give up anything for Lent and he told me a friend’s mother tried to give up diet coke one year but didn’t make it.  I shudder at the thought of even trying.   Not even under consideration.