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TWD: Please buy my house

I am typing this from my husband’s office at 8:18pm KC time.  Why?  Because someone decided to call us for a showing from 8-9pm.  You might think sane people (parents, even!) would say no to such a request.  And, in theory, I wholeheartedly agree…but when you are keeping your house unnaturally clean despite your family’s innate desire to do otherwise and have lost track of your “home improvement” expenses, you take the showing.  You never know when this may be the one that pays off.  So, here we are killing time when we should be winding up for the night.

OF course, this means I am on his computer and have not loaded my one picture of these biscuits.  You get my kids at the Royals game which I found on his laptop.  I did make them. We did eat them.  In fact, I may have eaten one too many the next day rationalizing that they had to be eaten then or be thrown out.  I liked the maple flavor but not enough to make these again.  I like the flaky softer biscuits out there.

The recipe is at a little something…sweet!

TWD: Sweet Cream Biscuits (and 2 Yrs of TWD Highlights)

phone pic

WARNING:  LOOONNNGGG post ahead.  Grab a glass of wine.

I made the biscuits a couple of weeks ago and used them for Strawberry Shortcake.  I am not sure I could ever say that I craved strawberry shortcake and I probably wouldn’t list it among my favorite desserts….but I need to have it at least once a year, preferably in Spring.  I didn’t taste the biscuits alone but they did a fine job holding up their end of the strawberry shortcake.

As I sat struggling with something interesting to say about biscuits (that I didn’t really taste), it occurred to me that I have been a (mostly faithful) TWD participant for about 2 years.  I don’t make a big deal about my “blogiversaries” because I don’t really make a big deal about my blog.  It is 95% documentation of my TWD baking.

I was actually baking ahead this weekend and made the Quick Classic Berry Tart.  Without giving too much away, it is one of the prettiest TWD desserts I have made.  That got me thinking about all of the desserts I have made as part of this group, many of which I loved at the time but have been pushed aside for the literal flavor of the week.  I was motivated to go back through the list and try to make some semblance of it all.

So….after 104 TWD recipes, I couldn’t come up with a top 10 list but I do have some highlights:

1.  Sentimental favorite:  Most Extraordinary Lemon Cream Tart.  I didn’t officially start my blog until the next week but this is the first one I made.  and I loved it.

2.  Most likely to make me move to Antarctica and abandon the showing of skin foreverChocolate Chunkers and Chocolate Malted Whopper Drops.  My word, the cookies and the dough are ridiculously good.  I haven’t made either again because I can’t afford to grow out of my wardrobe.

3.  Happy coincidence:  I chose the Fresh Mango Bread and I genuinely loved it.  It would be in my tops list even if it wasn’t my pick.

4.  The no fail chapter:  Dorie has a way with brownies, yes she does.  There were four recipes that had exclamation points in my notes.

5.   I didn’t know I could do that:  I have always loved chocolate pudding and lemon (lime)meringue pie.  Assuming they were out of my league, I had never made either homemade.  I may never go back.

6.  You could have fooled me:  I didn’t think I liked carrot cake.  Big Bill’s changed that.  I was not looking forward to the Swedish Visiting Cake.  That was a mistake.

7.  Who knew nectarines could be so good:  The summer fruit galette was amazing.  Make it this summer.  Every day.

8.  I don’t care what it looks likeFour Star Chocolate Bread Pudding.  5 stars at least.

9.  RevelationChocolate Oatmeal Almost Candy Bars.  It’s too long to explain here but this may be the cosmic justification for me belonging to this group.

10.  I don’t care what you think:  I loooovved the low and lush chocolate cheesecake.  It seemed like that was a minority opinion.

11.  I can’t believe I still haven’t made them:  There are a couple of recipes that were picked before I joined that I still cannot believe I haven’t tried:  The brown sugar apple cheesecake and the almost fudge gateau.  Both seem so appealing to me that I am floored I haven’t yet made them.   One of these days…

12.  Recipe piquing my curiousity:  Far Breton.  OK.  I know it is “eggy” and, you know what, eggy isn’t my favorite either.  But, for reasons unknown, I keep waiting with anticipation for someone to pick this one.  I guess it’s because I have never had it or seen it.

Next week:  chockablock cookies.  I think I will add the coconut to this one to keep temptation at bay.  Next week at this time I will be in Puerto Rico…extra cookies not needed.  For this week’s recipe visit Love at First Bite.

TWD: Flatty McFlat Pumpkin Biscuits


Well, I think these comments about sum it up:

Will (taking a big bite upon discovering them abandoned in the kitchen):  They’re supposed to be biscuits?  Good.  I thought you going to say they were cookies.  (he ate one)

Jamie:  You mean you read that others had problems with them turning out flat and you thought you were going to be the exception?

I tried to make them for a “breakfast for dinner” night Saturday.  I had planned to save one to photograph the next day in the daylight.  BUT, after seeing them, it didn’t really seem worth it.

Next week: Chocolate Cherry Torte.  I will do my best not to overmix…