TWD: the definition of slacker

So, I said I would be sticking around for awhile and then I don’t post for weeks.  Wish I had a great excuse other than I just didn’t make the time to post.  But I don’t.  I baked – not the required recipes, mind you.  For various reasons, the recipes for this month haven’t been completed but my slackerdom has given me a wealth of backlogged recipes to choose from.  Apologies to the recipe selectors this month.  Who knows?  I may be linking to you in six weeks when my stars align. 

For now, I give you:

Cornmeal Fruit Loaf. (no finished picture.  this is a picture of the entire batch of batter i had to throw out because I realized — too late — there were bugs in the flour.  insert curse word here.)

Not a big hit in our house.  I took it to work and – even though I was sure to label it CORNMEAL – some just didn’t get it.  When someone expects a moist quick bread but bites into this, you’ve lost them already.  For the record, I liked it but I alone cannot a loaf finish.

Carrot Spice Muffins

Will loved these.  LOVED these.  I have been serving them to him as breakfast this week and he has been eating one after dinner too.  Can’t get a better review than that!

this picture is Will having one for breakfast.  he owns a robe but insists on dragging that blanket to the breakfast table.  we choose our battles…

3 responses to “TWD: the definition of slacker

  1. that’s ok, I am so far behind too! Happy Halloween!

  2. Yep..another slacker here, too. I keep meaning to get back into the groove, but I haven’t quite gotten there yet. Love the pic of your son. :).

  3. Tis the season to get behind on things, right?! When you have a chance, could you email me at I have some TWD info for you. Thanks!

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