TWD: Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chunkers

I am the girl who cried wolf.  I wrote quite a dramatic post last week about how much I loved (love love love) the Chocolate Malted Whopper Drops.  The words crack and cocaine may have been thrown around.  Well, I am back again this week with a new lover, the Chocolate Chunkers.  If the Whopper Drops were like my own private crush on the quirky guy in study hall whose personality is particularly appealing to me than my love for the Chunkers is a crush on the captain of the football team or Brad Pitt.  If you don’t like these cookies, I am thinking we don’t bat for the same team (i.e. you are not a chocoholic).

We went with a semi-sweet/milk chocolate combo (white chocolate is not chocolate.  can we get a new word for that stuff?) and a mix of raisins and cranberries.  I would like to report that I used some amazing imported or artisanal chocolate to send these to new heights but I have a mortgage…and a car payment…and tuition and so on…so something has to give.  It was Ghirardelli from the grocery store for us. 

And it was just luscious and rich just the same.  Even the six year old was amazed at how little flour we were putting in.  He and the younger both came in for second helpings of the batter.  Man, oh man.  I could weigh three thousand pounds if the recipes keep coming like this.  I knew this one looked like trouble so I had to invoke my no fail over-eating insurance policy:

I did make a few without the peanuts so I could enjoy a couple warm from the oven (this is the real reason I bake after all) but others will be enjoying the rest.  I was already on a sugar high from the cake decorating class that Will and I took for kids at the Kansas City Culinary Institute (see below).


A big thank you to Claudia of Fool for Food for choosing this one.  The recipe is on her blog.  Next week:  Dimply Plum Cake.  I doubt this one will cause sweet tooth nirvana but I am looking forward to it nonetheless.  I love making breakfast cakes.  To see the other chocolate chunkers click here.


20 responses to “TWD: Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chunkers

  1. I am so with you. We are definately on the same team!!!

    That ‘stuff’ I generally call vanilla chips or vanilla chocolate, as we all know that there isn’t any chocolate in there!!!

  2. What fantastic looking photos! Your cookies look decadently rich and fabulous! Well done you!

  3. while your cookie photos are wonderful, it’s the bottom picture that won my heart.

  4. Lucky you to have an insurance policy to keep from eating the cookies – I like just about anything!

  5. Yeah, who is the person that claims “white chocolate” is really chocolate? IT’S NOT!

    Yes, friend, we bat for the same team. I am a devoted, card carrying chocoholic.

  6. Hey, nothing wrong with Ghirardelli! =) That’s what I used this week. I like trying out new chocolates, but sometimes the tried-and-true (not to mention more affordable) is the way to go. Chocoholics unite!

  7. I agree! White chocolate is NOT chocolate! I don’t know what it is, but it’s gross.

  8. I agree with Megan… I carry my card in my wallet. 🙂

    Your pictures are lovely!!

  9. Allthough I don’t often leave comments on your blog, I must tell you that I come regularly to visit …and love the fact that you bake with your boys: cooking is unfortunalty turning out to be a lost art… I’m always happy to see some are perpetuing traditions!
    …and they must have been soooooo happy to bake those “more than a pound of chocolate chunkers” with you!
    Great Job!

  10. They look great! I’m all for cuddling up with a good cookie every now and then! :o)

  11. Whopper cookies were good, but these are great! If you raise boys that can decorate a cake, they will be set for life. It must have been a fun class.

  12. you are right, these were way better then the whopper cookies. what will dorie think of next?

  13. Very little flour and 3 Tb butter… 🙂

  14. your cookies look great; i liked the whopper cookies much better!

  15. Yeah, these were intense cookies — we definitely bat for the same team! (Actually you don’t want me to really bat for your team, I am just lousy at softball. Baking chocolate cookies, now, that’s another story…)

  16. These look great! It’s hard to decide which cookie is the best!

  17. I am so on your team! Cookies look delicious and the cake looks beautiful!

  18. I suppose I should think about putting nuts in them too so I don’t eat a thousand of these. Yours look wonderful! 🙂

  19. Yes, yes, yes!! The Whopper Drops were indeed quirky study hall guy, and the Chunkers were Brad Pitt (or maybe George Clooney). The crushes are equally real, just different. I hope nobody ever makes me choose between them. It would be like choosing between my children. I couldn’t do it.

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